Shortly before this case was scheduled to go to trial, Cohen Milstein secured a settlement of $16 million for investors who had purchased shares in LDK Solar Co Ltd., which are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  The plaintiffs in the case argued that LDK had engaged in a fraudulent scheme to mislead investors by materially underreporting the company’s actual costs of production.  The substantial recover in this case is especially noteworthy because LDK, one of the world’s largest makers of solar panels, is a Chinese company and has virtually no assets in the United States and, as a practical matter, judgments under the U.S. securities laws are unenforceable in China.  Moreover, LDK’s auditor, a Chinese affiliate of one of the major international accounting firms, refused to cooperate in the discovery process, arguing that doing so would violate Chinese law.  During the course of this litigation Cohen Milstein reviewed hundreds of thousands of documents, many of them in Chinese, and took numerous witness depositions, most of them in Hong Kong.