On June 16, 2021, Cohen Milstein’s Adam J. Langino and Rachael N. Flanagan filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Daniel Aldrich against Comprehensive Wellness Center, LLC (CWC), a residential drug rehabilitation facility, and West Palm Hotels, LLC d/b/a Super 8 - Lantana (Super 8) for their negligence that ultimately led to the death of his brother, Tyler J. Aldrich.

The complaint alleges that the defendants acted negligently in direct violation of not only CWC’s policies, but also Florida Administrative substance abuse, health, and safety codes, which ultimately resulted in the death of Tyler J. Aldrich.

Case Background

Tyler J. Aldrich, a 26-year-old battling drug addiction, voluntarily admitted himself to the care and treatment of CWC’s residential program in Lantana, Florida.   On July 20, 2020, Tyler J. Aldrich, while under the influence of drugs, advised CWC employees that he was leaving the CWC campus with the intent to use more drugs, which ultimately led to his death.

In violation of its own policies, the complaint alleges that CWC did not contact the listed emergency contact, Charles Aldrich, to inform him that his son was checking out against medical advice, and with the same negligence they failed to inform the Lantana Police Department that their client had left the facility with the intent to use illegal drugs.

The complaint further alleges that CWC staff member, Michael Sheridan, under the direct supervision of CWC, provided Mr. Aldrich with a room at the Super 8 in Lantana, Florida, along with doses of Narcan, a prescription medication used for the treatment of a known or suspected opioid overdose, and then left Mr. Aldrich alone in the hotel room with heroin, crack cocaine, and methamphetamine. When Mr. Sheridan returned the next morning, he found Mr. Aldrich unresponsive. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue arrived shortly after and Mr. Aldrich was pronounced dead.

Plaintiff alleges that CWC breached its duty as a residential drug rehabilitation facility to provide reasonable and appropriate care, supervision, and safety for its residents.

In addition, plaintiff alleges that Super 8 had a duty to operate its establishment with strict regard to the health, comfort, and safety of its patrons, such as Mr. Aldrich and Super 8 had a duty to take measures to ensure the safety of its patrons, including, but not limited to, safety from reasonably foreseeable criminal activity.

This case is Aldrich v. Comprehensive Wellness Center, LLC, Case No. 128843266, 15th Judicial Circuit Court, Palm Beach County, Florida