They [Cohen Milstein] did a wonderful job here for the class...I wish I had counsel this good in front of me in every case.

- Judge Kaplan, In re Parmalat Securities Litigation

Institutional Investors


Who We Are

Cohen Milstein has worldwide expertise as counsel for U.S. and non-U.S. institutional investors who have been the victims of securities fraud. By applying innovative legal theories and litigation strategies, we have recovered billions of dollars for our clients in some of the largest and most complex securities fraud actions, including Countrywide Mortgage Backed Securities Litigation, Harborview Mortgage Backed Securities LitigationLucent Technologies, Parmalat, WorldCom and the Merrill Lynch Analyst Reports cases.

But we do more than just recover money for institutional investors, we also implement good governance provisions through settlements. This can help ensure that the future conduct of a company’s officers and directors will better reflect the best interests of its long-term investors.

How We Work With You

To alert our institutional investor clients to those cases where the allegations of fraud are strong and where they have suffered a significant loss, we provide portfolio monitoring and case evaluation services specifically tailored to each client’s needs. Cohen Milstein’s complimentary Portfolio Monitoring Reports help keep you informed of when and how class actions affect your fund.  We obtain your fund’s historical trading data from your custodian.  We then identify which shareholder actions are relevant to your fund and, for those that settle, give you information to help your fund claim money already recovered on behalf of investors.  We also provide both a snap-shot, one page summary and separate, in-depth analysis on each new case, going far beyond the work of your custodian or financial advisor

A relationship with Cohen Milstein means working together to identify your preferred criteria to help us highlight cases in which you will be interested and we believe you can make a difference.  When we alert you to cases that may warrant active participation by your fund, we provide you with an in-depth analysis of our basis for recommending the litigation.  We use a comprehensive methodology to make this assessment, analyzing not only the Company’s announcements, financial restatements, and insider trading, but also outside influences such as market movements, whether there have been any governmental investigations, and a frank evaluation of the legal standards and the applicable facts.

In addition, we calculate the estimated losses you suffered due to corporate wrongdoing and highlight good governance provisions that might be implemented as a result of litigation.

This thorough approach to portfolio monitoring sets us apart from others in the field.

What Makes Us Unique

Cohen Milstein prides itself in pursuing global solutions to what are often transnational frauds.  We work with law firms and investment professionals around the world to ensure we are able to address and help you recover assets stemming from a fraud wherever it occurs, including selecting the best venue to achieve the largest recovery.  This is a key issue for any institutional investor with non-U.S. investments.

We also have extensive experience prosecuting non-U.S. companies and we advise non-U.S. investors on U.S. litigation. Examples include:

  • Representation of European investors leading securities class actions in the U.S. against foreign companies such as the Italian dairy giant Parmalat (one of the largest securities fraud class actions ever brought);
  • Representation of investors in Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. N.V. (“CB&I” or the “Company”), a global engineering, procurement and construction company. The Firm represented co-lead plaintiff Fortis Investments, a major European asset management company.
  • Representation of European investors leading the action in the Netherlands against Converium (Scor SE), the French reinsurer;
  • Representation of U.S. pension funds in actions in Germany involving fraud at one of Germany’s largest financial institutions; and
  • Representation of U.S. state pension funds in a case against one of the United Kingdom’s largest banks.

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