Palm Beach County Child Injury Lawyers

Children are born into a world full of dangers, and most parents dedicate their lives to sheltering them from any harm they may encounter.  However, even when every precaution is taken, accidents still happen.  Sometimes nothing can be done to protect a child, but other times, injuries occur as a result of gross negligence by a manufacturer or a business.  The Department of Health reports that in Florida alone, an estimated 4 million children under the age of 14 experience injuries serious enough to require medical attention each year.

If a child has suffered a catastrophic injury due to the negligence of another, the attorneys at Leopold Law will fight for their rights.  Our firm has over 100 years of combined litigation experience.         

Did Your Child Suffer a Catastrophic Injury?

We handle cases where children suffer from catastrophic injuries and claims involving the wrongful death of children. Examples of these cases include:

  • Head Injuries In Children
  • Defective Children's Products
  • Child Sports Injuries
  • Swimming Or Drowning Accidents
  • Baby Birth Injury Cases
  • Motor Vehicle Injuries
  • Playground Accidents
  • Daycare Accidents
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Amusement Park And Water Park Accidents